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Art is a way for me to express myself and has always been an important part of my life.
Horses set my heart free on those rough days so, even if I cannot get to the barn,
I paint and draw to stay in touch with my true passion: horses.

Kasia and Sławny My name is Kasia Bukowska and I am not only an artist, but also an equestrian. Since
I was three years old and had the opportunity to grab the mane of one poor pony at Griffith Park, I have never let go of that dream: to ride horses and be around these amazing, graceful, and powerful animals. I rode as much as I could, took as many lessons as my parents would allow, and competed at as many shows possible.

My horse obsession took me to Poland, where I planned to pursue my career in riding. However, it became difficult for me to do everyday activities and was restricted to my bed for five months.
I was diagnosed with Lupus SLE. Today, I am still working with doctors on getting my flare back into remission so I can go back to spending time at the barn with my horse, Sławny. Kasia and Sławny

I am determined to get back on Sławny and ride, maybe even compete again, but until then…
I paint! Like horses, painting is another passion of mine that recently has become very important in my recovery. My passion for my equine friends captures their true beauty and translates it into my uniquely beautiful works of art. I paint using many mediums, including acrylics, spray paint, pencil, and pastels. Although I reside in Poland, I don’t let location limit me; I sell my original paintings in multiple locations across the world in both the United States and in Europe so availability is limited.

Kasia Bukowska